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The Dates given were outside ARP in IRCTC

I am trying to book ticket through ITCTC website but its giving me error “The Dates given were outside ARP” Please help me how can i book it?
what does the dates given were outside arp means in IRCTC / Indian railways. I am getting this error in tatkal ticket reservations also


5 comments to The Dates given were outside ARP in IRCTC

  • Pushpi Q&A Advisor

    the meaning of The Dates given were outside ARP with respect to Indian railways / IRCTC is as follows.

    ARP stands for Advance Reservation Period. If you try to book the rail tickets outside the advance reservation period dates, you will get this message. Not all train tickets bookings start from 120 days in advance. The booking of short distance Day trains like Shatabdi express trains , Kalka Shimla toy train etc opens only 30 days in advance

  • Santwana

    I would like to correct this comment, starting from today(Dt:1st May,2013) onwards we can only book tickets for long distance before 60 days only in advance instead of 120 days.

    Thank you.

  • TejasN

    Also you may want to check the departure time of the train from very first station. That time needs to be after 60 days frame. E.g. If the train departs from destination at 3 PM and you try to book the ticket at 10 AM the same day, then it will give this error as 60 days will be completed at 3 PM not at 10 AM.

  • Ramesh Damam

    i would like say that tatkal tickets are issued to passengers 24 hrs before the train starts its journey from the origin.

  • Jagadeesh kumar

    i would like to say about arp, it will be appear/given when we are going to reserve tickets in online. tatkal tickets issued before 24 hrs it means we reserve tatkal tickets only after 10 AM for next day journey. if u try to reserve tickets before 10 AM arp will appear.

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