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rahu in mahadasha and jupiter in antardasha

mam pls tell me the consequences of rahu mahadasha and jupiter in antardsha are good or bad and how if any ? (when lagna is virgo and rahu in 4th and jupiter in 12th)


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  • Tarun Goel

    Effects of Antar Dasha of Jupiter in the Maha Dasha of Rahu are a mixture of both good and bad but regarded as not good sign
    Effects are as follows:-

    Interest in worshipping God and in superior shastras arise.

    One may undertake religious pilgrimages, seek the company of sages and perform pious, religious deeds.

    Fame may be attained in knowledge, friendship with officials, bliss of children and sufficient wealth may be attained.

    Ailments and enemies may be overcome, good health and enthusiasm prevails.

    Effects like gain of position, patience, destruction or foes, enjoyment, cordial relations with the king (government), regular increase in wealth and property like the growth of Moon of the bright half of the month ( Shukla Paksh), gain of conveyance and cows.

    Audience with the king ( high government officials) by performing journey to the West or South East, success in the desired ventures, return to one’s homeland, doing good for Brahmins, visit to holy places.

    Gain of a village, devotion to deities and Brahmins, happiness from wife, children, and grand children, availability of sweetish preparations daily.

    Loss of wealth, obstacles in work defamation, distress to wife and children, heart disease, entrustment of governmental authority, etc.

    There will be gains of land, good food , gains of cattle, etc., inclinations towards charitable and religious work.

    Loss of wealth, and distress to body.

    There will be danger of premature death.

    The person will get relief from the above evil effects and enjoy good health by the beneficence of the lord Shiva if he worships his idol made of gold.

  • Prashant Patil

    I am confused with the above statement bcoz someone told me that rahu mahadasha for me is good. Can you please analyse and let me know according to my birth details whether this dasha is good or i have to suffer its malefic effects throught this dasha (DOB : Jan 2nd 1966.) rahu in 6th house sun in 1st house ketu in 12th and mercury in 12th and mars in 2nd house. thanks

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