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how to activate bbm in idea

how do you activate blackberry messenger(bbm) in idea?


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  • 1. Make sure you are using a real Blackberry phone (not china phone) that accepts Globe SIM cards (not locked to another network).
    2. You are using an active Globe prepaid SIM and there should be a globe signal.
    3. You have sufficient load required for the BIS registration.
    4. Go to OPTION then “MOBILE NETWORK”. Data Services should be “ON”
    5. Send “BB ON 50″ to 8888 (instead of 50, you can also use 220 and 1200 depending on your preference. 50 pesos is for 1 day, 220 is for 5 days, 1200 is for 30 days BIS.)
    6. After receiving a text “Terms and Conditions…. etc”, reply to the text by sending “BB YES”
    7. After receiving a text “Thank you for accepting…..etc”, this means that your BIS activation is being processed.
    8. You will know that your BIS has been activated when the “gprs” or “edge” or “3g” becomes GPRS or EDGE or 3G (capitalized).
    9. If still your BIS is not activated 15 minutes after #7, reboot your device by physically removing the battery and putting it back on.
    10. If still not activated, wait another 15 mins and repeat # 9.
    11. Normally, BIS is activated within the same hour. Just repeat step # 10. The battery pull exercises resets your connection to the Globe network and so the BIS activation seems to happen faster.
    12. You can verify if your BIS is activated by texting “BB STATUS” to 8888. There is a 1-peso charge. If the response indicates that your BB service is active” and yet the indicator is still not capitalized, you really need to do a battery pull. Wait about 10 seconds before putting your battery back.
    13. Once your BIS is activated, use the built-in browser and go to “”. it provides the links to download FB and YM as well as the latest BBM app. If the browser does not seem to go to the page, check the browser settings by going to options (while browser is open), then to browser config, select “Internet browser”. Then save.
    14. To set-up push email on your BB, go to and register your phone and email addresses. You will need your IMEI and PIN to do this. To know this info, from the home screen, go to Menu then Options then STATUS. The PIN is unique for every BB phone and you need this for BBM later.
    15. If you are getting an error after entering the IMEI and PIN, it probably means that your BB has been registered already by someone. This is the problem if your phone is 2nd hand. I don’t know how to solve this. 15. Once email addresses are set-up. Click help and click “Send Service Books”. New emails should now start to flow to your BB.
    16. Make sure you install the latest BBM, YM, and FB and Iskoot for Skype (if you use these). You can actually install software using the browser. You just need to look for the download page. The BB will install the app automatically.

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