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documents required for duplicate passbook for SBI

At the time of account opening in SBI, I didn’t get passbook. So can u tell me the procedure and documents required for getting duplicate passbook.


3 comments to documents required for duplicate passbook for SBI

  • Since till yet you have not got the original passbook then the issue of duplicate passbook dont arise. You can go to the bank and ask them for passbook explaining that you have not received you passbook.
    But if they dont agree and you have to get duplicate passbook then you can simply give a application for issue of new duplicate passbook as i have lost my passbook. Bank will charges nominal charges and will issue a new passbook.

  • Pradeep

    How many days it may take to get duplicate passbook(SBI bank)?

  • you can get duplicate passbook on the same day when you give application for the same. but it also depends on bank working i.e. if they are denying in laziness it can take 2-3 days .

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