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Debit Card Response code 072

My Debit card not accessed. Received Response code 072. What is the issue.

Please clarify.



6 comments to Debit Card Response code 072

  • Tarun Goel

    It is error of machine when it is unable to dispense cash. It can be due to any of the reasons like no Cash available,error occurred in transaction, internet link disturbed, etc.

  • Shivu

    Hi, I’ve an SB acc in Vijaya Bank, when I tried to withdraw cash through SBI atm, error came like Response Code 072, but I got confirmation msg to my mob from my Vijaya Bank, that I’ve been debited of that amount kindly help me in this
    Thanks n Regards

    • just wait for 10-15 days money will be reversed back. since money was not thrown out by the ATM machine bank will credit your account while reconciling the balance cash in ATM. but give an application for the same positively to your branch.

  • sudheer.R

    Dear Tarun,
    I have purchased medicins in MED-PLUS Vizag branch on 12-5-2012,when i used debitcard for payment they have swiped the card and an error message ”your request is not completed” has come but they have tried for three times again the same error message has come .And i have given onother debit card and they have tried for one time this time also the same error has come and finaly i have withdrawn the money and made the payment by cash.But i found my fund have debited for all the times ie.,three time from one card and one time from another card.the amount is 851×4=3404.I have mailed to prizm payments depatment and they have send the statement. In that the response code is 91 & Batch status is ‘NORMAL CLOSE TRXN’ is showing what to do please suggest me .

  • Its a common problem while doing online transactions. No need to worry in this regard. Contact your bank with an application in this regard and wait for 10-15 days, amount will be reversed back to your account. Since the transaction has not completed as the funds are not credited to the payee.

  • B. Sakthivel

    Can any one tell me What is Response Code 073. I tried to withdraw money from The Karur Vysya Bank ATM in (Karur), Tamilnadu, it says unable to process – Response Code 073.
    My card is Union Pay card from China. Please help to clarify, how can I get the money when there is a sufficient balance available.

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