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ckwl meaning in irctc

what is ckwl meaning in irctc. I am doing reservation of Indian railways train through IRCTC in tatkal quota but getting wait listed ticket with code CKWL. What does this means?


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  • Pushpi Q&A Advisor

    CK is code named for tatkal Quota in Indian Railways reservation system.CKWL means you have tatkal wait listed ticket. The confirmation will be as per availability. The cancellation rules are the same for this wait listed ticket as for other wait listed tickets.

  • sai

    You might already know about general wait listing process in railways. It is represented by W/L followed by a number which represents your waitlist number. A W/L doesn’t grant you permission to board a train but a RAC does, which is the middle stage between W/L and a confirmed berth.

    The above terminology applies if you booked a ticket in General quota. In case you booked your ticket under Tatkal quota and unfortunately get a waitlisted ticket, it will be indicated as CKWL followed by a number. Similar to General quota, RAC follows CKWL. A CKWL status after the chart is prepared bars you from boarding the train. In such cases, the passenger will get his ticket price back, minus few transactional charges.

    Under tatkal quota CKWL is very common since the ticket purchase happens very fast, especially in busy routes (starting at 8 am). Even though you see tickets status as available, while proceeding to make your payment (online), your final ticket may show your booking status under CKWL, since there are only few tickets under tatkal quota and many passengers trying to grab them, all at the same time.

    Although this varies from train to train, as a general rule, a CKWL up to 31 gets cleared (confirmed ticket).

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