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advantages and disadvantages of split and window airconditioners

I need to purchase airconditioner for my house which is best split or window?


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  • Tarun Goel

    Following points will help you decide which AC is better- Window OR Split-

    1. A one-ton split AC is going to cost your more than a one-ton window AC.

    2. Split AC is more costly than window AC.

    3. the installation of a split costs more since you need to install two units—one indoor and one outdoor.

    4. Split may consume wee extra electricity, but it’s a very marginal difference and shouldn’t affect your buying decision

    5. For light sleepers who need an absolute quiet ambience, the ideal choice is a split AC as it hardly makes any noise.A window air conditioner is noisier, so if you are a sound sleeper, you shouldn’t mind the window AC.

    6. the buying preference is still more lopsided towards the window AC, mostly because it is cheaper.

    Both split and window ACs are equally effective. However, it is necessary to know the difference between the two, so you can pick the type that would suit your home the best. If you don’t have space outdoors to mount a compressor, then there’s no point in considering a split AC. For the average middle class home, window air conditioners are to reckon with, keeping the affordability factor in mind.

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